04 MAY 2018
Through faith in the name of Jesus, this man was healed and you know how crippled he was before. Faith in Jesus name has healed him before your very eyes.
Acts 3 :16
This crippled man was lame from BIRTH according to Acts 3. He had never tasted walking, so he didn’t know how it felt to walk in the first place, all he was conditioned to know, feel and experience was lameness, But he saw men, women and children who were born with legs that could walk, so he knew his case was different.
But because he was born with it, he must have thought it was impossible to reverse one of nature’s mishaps.
He only sought to make the best of his life. He laid daily at the entrance of the temple of God, not the temple of Apollo, to beg for alms for his daily upkeep, finding daily, grace [alms] sufficient for him.
Right at the entrance of the temple, He had an encounter that changed his life, from stretching his hands to receive alms [grace] to the healing and stretching of his crippled legs, now able to walk into the temple himself and find mercy and help for his time of need.
He WASN’T expecting total restoration so as to Live a good life, only alms but Faith in the name of Jesus – the same name available to everyone that believes – did it for him.
Only with your eyes can you imagine how crippled he must have been, and only you know how much too you’ve been crippled, that you are not able to LIVE IN FULNESS, the life God has set before you.
Excuses can cripple one with spiritual laziness, misplaced priority is another crippling virus, also the great lust for earthly comfort has crippled many people’s quest for attaining spiritual maturity and fulfilling destiny.
Determination and Faith in the name of Jesus can strengthen the feeble knees and straighten the tangled limbs.
What do you desire?
Restoration and empowerment to live for GOD wholly or alms from the government and your employer to survive daily?
Choose well!
I desire to live wholly for God. Amen