Monday 14th of September 2020: 

Who Seeks Receives

Yes, everyone who asks will receive. The one who searches will find. And everyone who knocks will have the door opened. If your children ask for fish, which of you will give them a snake instead? Or, if your children ask for an egg, would you give them a scorpion instead?
Even though you are bad, you know how to give good things to your children. How much more your heavenly Father will give the Holy Spirit to those who ask Him!
Luke 11:10-13 NCV
When you ask, you do not receive because the reason you ask is wrong. You want things so you can use them for your own pleasure.
James 4:3 NCV
And whatever you do in word or in deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through Him.
Colossians 3:17 NCV
Our Heavenly Father knows how to give good things to His children!
He doesn’t just give us things because we have asked, He ensures the things given are needed and good for purpose.
Callum, my neighbour, is a good father to his 3 boisterous boys.
His boys are always running to Him asking for one toy or the other.
They would go asking while he was eating, on the phone, relaxing on the couch or busy with work on his computer.
He confessed that the many times he allowed them have things he wouldn’t ordinarily have given them was because he was desperate to have his peace or get on with his work.
Sure, Callum is a good dad but his children preyed on his weakness many times.
Our Heavenly Father, yes is full of love, but still checks our motives for every thing we ask for.
He desires His blessings make us rich and not introduce sorrow, destruction or falling away from the faith.
So when he answers our requests, He expects us in thankfulness to live and do everything to His glory, not to live in wantonness and pleasure.
Remembering also, His blessings are not for ‘show off’ but to enable us fulfill Kingdom assignments.
Today! Be confident that all your requests are already heard and known by your Father.
Wait! For He will answer you soon!
Tuesday 15th of September 2020: 
His Disciples
Then Jesus said to His disciples, “If any of you wants to be my follower, you must give up your own way, take up your cross, and follow me.
Matthew 16:24 NLT
Many believers desire different relationships with our Saviour Jesus.
There are some who are happy to just know His  Name, and there are also some who know his name but seek earnestly to be more acquainted with Him.
Any one that seeks to have that very special relationship with Him, adores and loves to live as He lived.
Such a person is termed to be a disciple.
Our Saviour calls every believer in Him to the way of a disciple.
In the above verse, Jesus admonishes His aspiring disciples on one building block they must pick up and lay.
Note, a Jesus’ disciple is not a follower of Self but a follower of Jesus!
In being His true disciple, personal will is crucified and buried with Him.
His disciple is one not just in words but also in deeds; he’s a new creation, resurrected with Christ, to do His bidding day and night, convenient or inconvenient, in life or in the face of death, living only by the faith of the Son of God.
One of the most difficult things, but also the best thing to do is to surrender our ways and will to the Saviour, to be and do as He instructs.
When one’s will is totally surrendered to Jesus, then it can be said Jesus has him in all reality.
Unfortunately, many a times, we let our flesh kick in once fear and anxiety is at play, walking   in what we will becomes easier for our control, forgetting we are called to walk in God’s way and will.
This is a walk of faith, trusting God that even the delays, the bad outcomes, the disappointments and hardships are also events that God could turn around to bring us to a good place in Him.
Our will not yielded to Christ never glorify God that’s why Christ calls us to give up our own ways and take up our crosses that crucify the unholy cravings and selfishness of the flesh.
If we must follow Jesus, let’s do it in synch to His will!
Be His Disciple!
Wednesday 16th of September 2020:

The Joy Ahead

So be truly glad. There’s a wonderful joy ahead, even though you must ENDURE many trials ahead for a while. These trials show that your faith is genuine. It is being tested just as fire tests and purifies gold – though your faith is far more precious than mere gold.
So when your faith remains strong through many trials, it will bring you much praise and glory and honour on the day when Jesus is revealed to the whole world.
1 Peter 1:6-7 NLT
How would you like to feel on that day when Jesus is revealed to the whole world?
Much praised, full of glory and honour or full of shame?
Of course, full of praise!
Then we must understand, there’s no cheap way to it.
Those that will be much praised are those their faith have been found to be GENUINE.
Do you wonder why?
Because there are a lot of faith professing people mixed with the bunch, but in truth are fake, impostors.
Our faith is so valuable to our Saviour Jesus, therefore it must be tested and found strong and pure.
So the many trials that come our way do just that to our faith.
Beloved, be aware there are many more trials that would come our ways if Jesus tarries.
No matter when and how they come, they will only be for a while, that’s why we are encouraged in the above verses to endure.
We must endure!
Satan through our flesh, would not want us to endure the discomfort of these trials, but the word of God says endure.
What do you think would happen if you choose not to endure these trials and indulge your flesh?
Would it not prove your faith is not genuine?
It’s a choice you would have to make even before the trials come.
Do not even think, O even if I fail, the Lord will still forgive me.
Beloved, it’s not about forgiveness, our compassionate God will always forgive his repentant children, but the REWARD for being faithful to Him through trials will certainly be lost.
Look! There’s a reward!
Go for it!
Lord, I’m glad to endure these many trials, knowing there’s a wonderful joy ahead of me. Amen!


Thursday 17th of September 2020:

The Rejected Stone

The stone which the builders rejected has become the chief cornerstone.
Psalm 118 : 28 NKJV
He chose what the world thinks is unimportant and what the world looks down on and thinks is nothing in order to destroy what the world thinks is important.
God did this so no one can brag in His presence.
1Corinth.. 1: 28, 29 NCV
The Lord raises the poor from the dust and He lifts the needy from the ashes.
He lets the poor sit with princes and receive a throne of honour.
The foundations of the earth belong to the Lord, and the Lord set the world up in them.
1 Samuel 2 : 8 NCV
Jesus Christ is the same today, yesterday and forever, He still reigns in the affairs of men.
The Jews rejected the God sent Messiah, Jesus, because He was a carpenter’s son, born in a manger.
His background was nothing to hit the headlines.
David the son of Jesse, was sent to tend the father’s flock in the field, because he was too young to be a soldier, but what was the experience of a shepherd boy compared to the trained warrior giant, Goliath?
Again, David’s built and demeanour was short of that of a potential King of Israel, hence, he was not among the sons of Jesse firstly paraded when Samuel came to the house to anoint the would be king.
Gideon having assessed himself based on situations and the perception about his family asked, how could he save Israel? Was he not the least important member of his family? Not that his family was great in any way, for they were comfortably the weakest family group in Manasseh.
Nothing outstanding was expected from Gideon the weakest link, but God saw in this same weak man, a mighty man of valour in the achieving hands of the Almighty God.
Without God, we are nothing, but in a living submission to His will, we begin to radiate greatness as we were born to be.
Your potential in the hands of God is only limited in your conception.
God knows how to break the mould and cause you to shine.
Your start may be small, but there’s greatness in you!
Only Believe!