As a church family with a focus on the Bible and evangelism.

We have seen first-hand that we belong to a God who is lavish in his generosity and rich in his love and who delights to show himself like this and to his children. As we stand on the threshold of a new adventure, we are committed to maintaining this same glad dependence on a God who knows the future we do not yet see.
As we begin seeking funds for our own premises, our commitment to looking outwards will remain. This is clearly demonstrated in our church life. (That when God bless us financially, we won’t raise our standard of living, but rather raise our standard of GIVING.)

“Real generosity to the future lies in giving all to the present” – Albert Camus

We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done … so that the next generation would know them, even the children yet to be born….”

Where Next From Here ?

The Beswick street building has been a wonderful temporary home for us. We are grateful for its convenient location, with its proximity to major bus routes and a Tram station !
But the Beswick street building remains a temporary home. We are only too aware of the limitations placed on us by the landlord and the insufficient space the current building offers.

Why do we need a building ?

Practical reasons:

Freedom to make structural changes
Enabling other activities (outreach, café etc.)
More space for our growing children’s and youth ministry’s
Permanent offices for our church officers
Diversion of rental expenditure to ownership (currently nearly £20K pa)

A home for future generations of ministry and mission in this city.

To build God’s temple for future generations of ministry and a renowned place of worship in this city.
Owing premises for gospel work is strategic on a bigger scale. The best reason for having our own building is not because of what we need now but because of how God works. We think about today; God is building for tomorrow. Psalm 22:31, Ps 145:4& Isaiah 38:19
God wants the next generation to have and hear the gospel. We need to make a mark and leave a legacy that the next generation end even the generation unborn can inherit.
The early church suffered persecution, yet they left us the gospel and the doctrines that we abide by today, Thank God we have freedom to worship, therefore we want to leave a home for future generations of ministry and mission in this city.
For every step of our journey as a church, people have sacrificed for us to be able to have place of worship. They provided a place for us to gather, be fed and be equipped to serve each other and to be rooted and built up in HIM. Now it’s our turn to sacrifice for the good of the church family who will come after us.
This is the time for us to think big, think long and hard and think for the gospel place in tomorrow’s generation.
For this is the scale of God’s work; believers who give to the new generation of believers we will never meet, so our God becomes their God and the God for their children’s children.
“And we know, that vision without action is a merely a dream. Action without Vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” – Joel A Barker