What kind of Building?

The most important thing we are looking for is a building which allows us to keep being a church family with a focus on the Bible and evangelism. We will seek the kind of premises which allow us to keep doing this in faithful and creative ways.
Meeting in a Hotel and the converted industrial unit has made us less traditional and we are willing to be flexible on the type of premises we own. The buildingmay not look like a church building; at the same time, because we are focused on the future, we want to acquire premises that are built to last.
Our current make up and history suggests that the north-east of the city; Ancoats / New Islington would be the most sensiblelocation. We want to be part of a community we can serve and reach out to with the gospel and we want to provide a flexible space for thechurch family.



Sanctuary 300 Seats No Obscured views
Expandable to allow for growth
Office Space 4 persons Separate offices
Children & Youth 4-5 rooms Separate Hall and / or outside area
Divisible spaces
Sports facilities
Crèche Comfortable, Spacious Sound –proof location
Ability to see / hear the service
Catering Kitchen for Church family Capacity for larger scale catering for those in need
Other Community Hall/Centre
Car Parking
Low maintenance
Energy efficient
Flexible Space
Open to the community
Open to the community
Sleeping area / hostel
Lounge / Library / Bookshop
Offices to rent out

O Lord, our God, we have brought together all this wealth to build a temple to honor your holy name, but it all came from you and all belongs to you. I know that you test everyone’s heart and are pleased with people of integrity. In honesty and sincerity I have willingly given all this to you, and I have seen how your people who are gathered here have been happy to bring offerings to you. 1 Chronicles 29:16-17.

“It is not possible to be specific about the detail of our future building. However, this table gives an indication of some of the considerations that the church family has already identified as important.

We all need to recognise that although the precise form and location of our permanent church home isuncertain, the desire to serve God in this city is at the heart of this endeavour. “