Our story begins in late 2013, when a local church in Ancoats closed down and a few families decided to meet together on Wednesday evenings for the purpose of learning the bible and praying together, and in early 2014, the families began meeting at the Charles Fredrick’s house in Clayton, East Manchester.
It became evident within a few weeks that we needed a larger venue from which to meet and perhaps incorporate a weekly Sunday service as well.

Under the leadership of Pastors’ Charles and Blessing Charles-Fredrick, with faith and courage we committed to the weekly hire of two conference rooms at the Holiday Inn Hotel – Central Park and on Sunday 26th January 2014, Living Hope Christian Church (Manchester) had its first service with twenty-two people in attendance.
As the church numbers grew, so did the restrictions from the hotel management; noise levels, unattended children and the occasional Sunday that we were not able to fellowship due to previously booked events, but despite these challenges

Living hope christian church was formed on 26th January 2014 by Pastor Charles And Pastor Blessing. This was after few Wednesday prayers in their sitting room. After one Wednesday prayers, People who were in prayer meeting decided to add Sunday service. When it became difficult to get a decent place for Sunday service an ideal was brought by one of the members to go and rent conference room in one of the hotel that was near to most of the members. God be so good we got holiday hotel on Oldam Road. On January 2015, We fund out that our number has become so big that the conference room can not contain us anymore. Again Sunday service for our kids was unteachable because all the age groups were in the same room. In the hotel, There so many restrictions that our going in and coming out became difficult.
One day the Aarons (Church Elders) and Pastor Charles were asked to look for a new place that will give us the opportunity to worship our God not only Sundays. Again a place that our children would feel free to move around and different age group will be in different rooms. About four weeks hurting we got the building we are in now. But before we can move to this new building we have to get about thirty thousand pounds(30000) for advance rent payment for three mouth and to make the place better for worshipping the living god. When the members found out that we need 30000 pounds before we can move to the new building each one of them voluntary contributed to make our movement to building we are in now successful. Dear brothers and sisters, It is the same spirit and determination that we ask you to help us move a step further to achieve our long time aim of building a sanctuary for our almighty God.
The Good Book (Bible) tell us in Exodus 25 Vrs 8, and let them make me a sanctuary that I may dwell among them. Please come let us build a sanctuary for God.