Men Of Purpose(MOP)



To have all the Men together in fellowship
To support and help each other in time of need9areas includes weddings, Birth, bereavement etc)
To help maintain running of our mini bus



To support the Spiritual growth and development of all the Men in the church
To support the vision of the church with the resources God has blessed the Men with
To help people come to the saving knowledge of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ



We ask every member to pay monthly dues to support our aim and objectives

Children’s Ministry

Vision – To be the very best that we have been created to be through Christ”

Mission Statement –To enhance and propagate the Kingdom of God’s message here on earth by constantly pressing forward through all to attain the mark of God’s high calling

Motto – Never let your Memories be greater than your Dreams

Children Groups:

Ages 4-6. Led by experienced and compassionate volunteer teachers with the mindset of creating a conducive and wholesome atmosphere where our little angels can thrive in on Bible stories and experiences, learning and in a prayerful environment thus giving them a great start-off in life.


Ages 7-9. Built on the developmental platform of the Flyer Group, this group is led by experienced and compassionate volunteer teachers duly positioned to help the maturing and intriguing mind of our children by teaching them Biblical principles and facts aimed at equipping them for life’s many decisions and challenges


Ages 10-16. Built on the experiences and training received in previous groups, this group, led by Pastors, volunteers, tutors all from various professions and background, apply various teaching methods, technique and technology to present the Holy Bible and Godly principles to our children in this group in an interactive and mind-stimulating way, thereby capturing and applying relevant scriptures to everyday situations.

Women Ministry


Welcome to Royal Priesthood
We believe that women, especially when united, are a powerful force with great impact in our world.
When we lay aside our differences and focus on the things that unite us, anything with God is possible.

What Do We Do?


We offer many fun and engaging opportunities including onsite gatherings for women,
a yearly conference, leadership development training, discipleship and equipping.
We want women to see themselves as Royal Priesthood Women no matter where they plug in
Connecting women to grow, belong, and be transformed through life giving relationships
Establishing women in their identity for the purpose of leading, training, and encouraging others

Evangelism Outreach

The mission of Evangelism Outreach is to equip, empower, and mobilize people to make a kingdom impact outside the walls of Living Hope Christian Church Church. We want to build God’s kingdom through Christ-centered, church-led community transformation where we live, in our nation, and around the world.